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Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist

Darrell Robins, MD -  - Gynecologist

Darrell Robins, MD

Gynecologist & Obstetrician located in Plano, TX

Your hormones control everything in your body from your metabolism to your sex drive, so when you go through a period of hormonal change like menopause, you can experience some disruptive symptoms. From his practice in Plano, Texas, Darrell Robins, MD, offers hormone replacement therapy, including BioTe® pellets, to restore your hormonal balance, reduce symptoms, and help you lead a healthy and active life. Call or schedule an appointment online today for expert diagnosis and care.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Your hormones are chemicals produced by your body that carry messages throughout your body and control functions like metabolism, hunger, mood, and your sex drive. When your hormone levels decrease, either from a natural change like menopause or from cancer treatments, you can experience all kinds of disruptive symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) replaces your lost hormones to reduce these symptoms and keep you active and healthy. Dr. Robins offers BioTe Medical, a highly customized form of HRT where pellets are compounded to precisely match your hormonal needs.

What conditions does HRT treat?

Dr. Robins primarily uses HRT to help women who are experiencing disrupting menopause symptoms such as:

  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Low libido/ loss of sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Vaginal atrophy

What happens during HRT treatment?

Dr. Robins begins your HRT treatment with an extensive consultation and blood work to understand your hormone levels. He talks to you about your symptoms, checks your vital signs, and asks about what’s going on in your life to get a well-rounded picture of your wellness.

He then uses your blood work to identify any hormone deficiencies. Compounding pharmacists at BioTe use this information to create customized HRT pellets. BioTe hormone pellets are made from high-quality natural ingredients and are designed to provide the precise dose you need.  

A pellet is injected into the upper part of your buttock where it slowly releases synthetic hormones to restore your hormonal balance. Insertion is quick and painless and you should notice a change in your symptoms and feel able to get back to your normal activities within 7-10 days.

Throughout your treatment, Dr. Robins monitors your hormone levels and your symptoms to make sure the treatment is working, ensuring your improved health. You’ll have regular appointments with him so he can check your hormone levels and review your experiences.

Is HRT safe?

HRT is safe, especially since Dr. Robins prescribes hormones that are compounded specifically to meet your needs and monitors your health closely throughout your treatment.

If you have questions about hormonal imbalances and HRT, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Robins today.